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Mumford Hall

1301 W. Gregory Dr., Urbana

Score: 11

8 votes counted.

3.6 Smell

4.4 Crowdedness

4.3 Cleanliness

Mumford Hall
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Average (+1)
Bad (-2)
On a scale of (1-5), 5 being the best smelling, the least crowded, and the cleanest...
1 2 3 4 5 Smell
1 2 3 4 5 Crowdedness
1 2 3 4 5 Cleanliness



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anon says...

awesome place, no one was there and they supply febreeze in the women's restroom!

G R Carlisle says...

On First Floor restroom, the pedestal urinals along the center partition have been replaced by three wall mount modern urinals. The sit down toilets ahve been replaced by fewer but wheelchair accessible facilites. There is an overhead electric water heater for hot water for the sinks. Upper floor restrooms are smaller and have wall-mounted Clow urinals. Except for the wall-mounted fixtures in David Kinley Hall, the restrooms are very similar to Mumford hall.

Buttboner says...

Ugh can't a bro get some quiet time around here!?

G R Carlisle says...

First floor restroom used to be larger. It had six remaining pedestalrinals which did smell. Four have been rfeplaced with new wall mo8nt urinals. The west side of center partition had urinals removed to accommodated a wider stall for handicapped. There was one of three toilets lost when this was done. The rest room used to have five toilets and 12 urinals. similert restroom exists in David Kinley Hall but with wll mount Clow urinals onb the center partition. Now only remaining pedestal urinals on campus are those in Noyes Lab on basement first third and fourth floor east side restgrooms. Second floor of this series is a women's room. Those do smell rather bad. Some toiletts are old Clow. Sinks do not have hot water. Mumford Hall used to not have it in restrooms but a small electric water heater was recently installed