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Everitt Elec & Comp Engr Lab

1406 W. Green St., Urbana

Score: -3

46 votes counted.

2.5 Smell

2.9 Crowdedness

2.5 Cleanliness

Everitt Elec & Comp Engr Lab
Good (+2)
Average (+1)
Bad (-2)
On a scale of (1-5), 5 being the best smelling, the least crowded, and the cleanest...
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1 2 3 4 5 Crowdedness
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J Patel says...

One fine evening, me and my baba, Hirsh Joshi, were trying to get on the roof of the ECE building to have a little fun ;) but Hirsh needed to take a massive dump. So we went into the bathroom stalls and as I saw Hirsh drop his pants, I went in for it. We had loud, steamy, and passionate sex in that stall. There was so much room for so many positions. I even had my kama-sutra book with me so it was perfect! I'm proud to soon be an alumnus of the college of engineering! I miss you baba.

ECE GAL says...

Maybe you should add the new ECEB tho, it's pretty decent imo

Nick Peterson says...

I had a very pleasant experience using this facility. Would recommend. 10/10

Anonymous says...

The sickeningly sweet stench of these bathrooms never fail to activate my gag reflex.

Electric Poop says...

One fine day I was leaving my lab with my multimeter in hand. I had to take a poop. I went to the first floor shitter, west side is where its at, and proceeded about my business. Curious as to the reality of poop power I did the classic potato power thing but with my shit. Using different metals that were readily available thanks to the free circuits kits available in these dope ass west shitters, I was able to measure the voltage on my poop and I received a reading of 2 volts. I tried this at other shitters around campus, altgeld, ACES library but none of those shits registered anything. Everitt Lab is a truly electric and therefore dope place to take or dare I say leave a shit. I do recommend. You also get to read great jokes that are on the walls of every shitter. You will truly have a great time here and I am never shitting anywhere else.

Travis says...

The only bathroom worth reviewing in Everitt Lab is the second floor one, as opposed to the inexplicably larger and cleaner third floor bathroom. But while the third floor is a welcome venture for the pooper who appreciates his space, it's also a fairly unoffensive bathroom with little to no personality. The second floor bathroom presents a much more adventurous poop, full of strange smells, entertaining graffiti, and idiosyncratic oddities that may relieve some of the stress you're feeling around exam time. Apparently the crapper is a cathartic outing for the ECE students. While UGL poopers are content with bathing the walls with piss and shit, the ECE students bathe the Everitt stall walls with life-guiding quips, such as, "If today sucks, tomorrow will seem better...unless tomorrow sucks too. Then you're ****ed." The Everitt crapper is also a signifier of the tightly knit community within the ECE department, with reassuring snippets of comfort like, "I just fingered my asshole to clean out the shit because there was no toilet paper," reassuring us all that, yeah, other people have done it too. I know I smiled a little when I read it. Unfortunately, the closeness the ECE boys feel toward one another is a little daunting at times. This was shown through my extensive studies and notetaking on the wall in Stall #3 (where patrons gladly respond to my survey questions), as the snug-ratio was alarmingly high. The snug-ratio is, of course, the ratio in which poopers will choose the stall furthest from your own as opposed to the stall directly next to yours. Everitt stalls are notorious for their over-friendliness, as ECE students will often reach their hands under the stall and introduce themselves. But when your worst complaint is that you accidentally play footsy with your neighbor, the reality isn't so bad. In fact, if you can get a student in every stall, you'll often be invited to join a game of Yahtzee on your iPhone. So all in all, if you can get past the flattened bug that's been resting over the stall for over a goddamned year now, the Everitt bathroom presents a neighborly and intimate experience for both the poopers rushing to class and those looking for an academic discussion of the latest Breaking Bad episode. As Everitt pooper ****ie D. once wrote in Stall #2, "Steamin' reasons to commit treasons, but keep your T's on, it's rabbit huntin' season."

Dr. Everitt says...

These facilities may not be the cream of the crop this university has to offer, yet they get the job done in a satisfyingly bare minimum esk atmosphere. Love the wall scriblings.

brown town says...

Best nerdy graffiti you can find on campus. It makes time on the pot go by. Usually no one there es nice.

391 killer says...

Best graffiti in the dumpplace near 391 lab

Pooper says...

The stalls have the best graffiti on campus.

Mysterious Pooper says...

The stalls are small and the bathroom is usually full of awkward engineers....not bad if it's the late hours though.

ECE Kid says...

Taking a dump here is like singing 'Sweet Caroline' Its s good (so good so good)