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Krannert Center For Performing Arts

500 S. Goodwin, Urbana

Score: 52

36 votes counted.

4.3 Smell

3.6 Crowdedness

4.7 Cleanliness

Krannert Center For Performing Arts
Good (+2)
Average (+1)
Bad (-2)
On a scale of (1-5), 5 being the best smelling, the least crowded, and the cleanest...
1 2 3 4 5 Smell
1 2 3 4 5 Crowdedness
1 2 3 4 5 Cleanliness



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CS major says...

Bathrooms in parking garage are very roomy.

Music Major says...

Check out the restroom in the parking garage. Single stall, lockable door, and very roomy. Definitely recommended.

Carlisle says...

Restrooms are spotless and clean smelling. NO urinal cakes needed. New restrooms on main floor have automatic flush valves. Facilities are very crowded during intermission at perfromances. Ogthwerwise not. Rooms off main lobby are crowded. Women's was enlarged but unable to to do so men's due to office and hallway nearby Enlarging stall for wheelchair accommodation made it crowded for the two urinals Onbe unisex resatroom off parkind de3ck has a urinalut open to both sexes and has lockabe door. All restrooms are spotless. Usually there are enough paper towels and toilet paper.

Kind Advisor says...

The trick to avoid a premature flush is to drape some toilet paper over the sensor. Hope this helps!


true that, Dan.

Dan says...

The bathroom was nice except the automatic flush on the toilet was a little sensitive so I ended up with multiple annoying flushes for one dump.