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Nuclear Engineering Laboratory

103 S. Goodwin, Urbana

Score: -565

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Nuclear Engineering Laboratory
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Siweun Kinse says...

I was able to see my bones while taking a shit due to radioactivity. 10/10 great experience would shit again.

Philip Jacobs says...

personal space

Cockroach Pooper says...

@Alby Einstein: That "Cockroach" you ate was no Cockroach but actually one of my turds. I have poor aim and sometimes miss the toilet bowl. No worries though, eating my my turds is a common mistake made by poopers in the nuclear engineering bathrooms. You have nothing to be ashamed about.

Niels Bohr says...

Cool light- I can see all the bones in my body

Alby Einstein says...

Saw a cockroach here with two heads. Ate it.

Ed Teller says...

Labs for fission and fusion, toilets for pission and poosion

Frank says...

The ultraviolet light from all the nuclear radiation means you can see EVERYTHING

Marie Curie says...

The toilet seats made my butt glow in the dark! Stay away!

Ewww says...

Gross, old and coated in radium

DukeNuke says...

Lots of nuclear bomb making and testing in this bathroom if you know what I mean

Cumnapkin says...

Toxicity is my philosophy

Jew says...

Chung lee is awesome